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We were founded on the belief that data science and artificial intelligence are the transformative technologies that are shaping the nature and economics of businesses.

What we do

We help companies to adopt benefits of AI based video analytic solutions at affordable price. We identify trends and insights in vast realms of big data companies, and help reshape their business models and workforces. With vision genius data-driven insights, companies can perform faster and larger-scale evidence-based decision making.

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Our team

We are a diverse team of passionate Computer vision experts, data scientists, machine learning and software developers, lead by engineers with hyper-scale computing backgrounds.
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What we are building

We have developed a platform for video content analysis. We aim to innovate the industries by making video surveillance a much more effective and useful technology, not just in security but as a business value generator tool.
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Why It Matters

Data is at the heart of decision and decisions are the atoms of every organization. We empower companies to harnesses the power of video meta-data and enable them to make better innovative decisions, quickly solve pain points and gain competitive advantage in today’s market.

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Passion keeps us moving, overcomes hurdles, boost creativity and inspires others. You can see our passion for learning, development, leadership, and growth in everything we do. It’s a endless quest of making Vision Genius a better platform for better a world.

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We value creativity and innovation at every level. We believe it's important to understand conventional methods, but always questions whether these methods are best for us. We have created a culture where people feel encouraged to bring their ideas and creativity to the best of their abilities.

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Research and Innovation is the foundation of Vision Genius. We are inspired by the belief that a research-driven enterprise can support the current and future needs of business world.

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We are committed to making Vision Genius a leading platform for video analytics. We also encourage digital transformation in business world and are focused on helping them in solving their vision related problems.

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Honesty and professionalism is in everything we do while ‘Ethics First’ remains center of every decision we make.

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We are dedicated to providing you data quality that fulfills all your business goals. Our platform helps organization to collect and compile quality data for business intelligence.

Meet the Team

Talha S. Malik

Talha is the Chief executive officer of Vision Genius. Talha is an avid technology enthusiast and passionate about developing new technologies. Talha drives the company's vision, product goals and overall team mission. Under his leadership, Vision Genius is on a path to becoming a market leader in AI Video Analytics industry of pakistan while expanding it's operations overseas.

Muhammad Umair

As Head of Business Development, Umair leads the business development team and oversees the customer onboarding and acquisition strategy for Vision Genius. He focuses on customer feedback, brand management, corporate communications, customer acquisition and retention, marketing planning, execution and delivering a consistent experience across all Customer touch-points.

Shujaat A. Naqvi

Shujaat is the Software Project Manager of Vision Genius, he leads company’s technology stack, server management, technical operations and infrastructure design. Shujaat also works closely with the other executives to establish and review key strategic priorities for Vision Genius and translate them into a comprehensive strategic plan.

Arham A. Rizvi

Arham is the Chief technical officer of Vision Genius. Arham is a self-starter with a passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. He oversees the technical and algorithmic developments of the computer vision platform leveraging his unique knowledge in Machine Learning technologies.

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