WorkPlace Management

Create a smart and connected workplace through the use of artificial intelligence.

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Safety Gear

Minimize the risk of on-job accidents and increase workforce safety. Define your safety rules and Vision Genius will consequently report any identifications of non-adherence to security gear rules

  • Automate Monitoring of safety gear violators from the video feeds
  • Detect persons without safety helmet, shoes, goggles, gloves, protective clothing etc in real time
  • Generate Notifications, Alarms, Log all the non compliance to PPE

Asset Monitoring

Secure your assets, and monitor both material and equipment to get maximum return on assets (ROA) through artificial intelligence and video analytics

  • Video analytics help companies find defects and automate the monitoring of assets.
  • Define the assets that needs to be monitored and Vision Genius will generate an alert when those assets are used or removed.
  • Detect un-authorize access or usage of equipments.
  • Track movement of asset and equipment across the locations in real time.
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people shopping in retail store

Track and Review Progress

Our real-time process and progress monitoring system is able to track progress, detect deviations, and calculate the quantity of work completed against predefined schedule.

  • Monitor progress remotely, saving on the project’s time and cost
  • Increase visibility into the day to day on-site worker activity
  • Real-time tracking provides insights that enable you to complete project on time

SOP Adherence

Automate 'SOP adherence and compliance check' monitoring through AI powered video analytics

  • Detected anomalies which do not adhere to your SOP
  • The platform can also trigger alerts in case of occurrence of any serious incidents
  • Monitor usage of prohibited items in restricted areas
  • Video analytics can also detect abnormal activities such as suspicious behavior and fights
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Asset and Worker Tracking

Video Analytics can track the movements of employees, labors, workers and equipments. This helps in preventing theft and allows you to gain insights about usage, habits, and preferences

  • Vision Genius helps you keep a check on your worker activity without interfering with their day-to-day routine.
  • Access management system helps you controls who enters the confidential areas in the office. This avoids theft and leaks of sensitive corporate information.

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