Next Generation Video Analytics Products Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Intelligent Products

Vision Genius built products with the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies that enables businesses to harness intelligent insights hidden video data. It automates security surveillance, crowd analytics, people counting, vehicle counting, object classification, heatmaps, customer engagement, behaviour and demographics, occupancy estimation and much more while performing complex data analysis in real time

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Improve understanding of your shelf using video analytics that can help you in business decisions from strategy to execution.


  • Customer Demographics
  • Customer Engagement Time
  • Product Interactions
  • Product Interaction Time
  • people in vicinity
  • Dwell Time
  • Attraction Rate
  • Popular Shelf

Vision Genius provides video analytics solutions for traffic monitoring, smart roads, tolling, mass transit and smart cities.


  • Vehicle Classification
  • Traffic Volume Count
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Traffic Violations Alert
  • Pedestrians Detection
  • Average Vehicle Speed
  • Capacity Estimations
  • Illegal Parking

Track your brand viewership on electronic and social media.


  • Logo and Brand Detection
  • Logo Screen Visibility
  • Logo Count
  • Logo on-Air Time
  • Logo Screen Positioning

Create a smart and connected workplace through the use of artificial intelligence.


  • Equipment Tracking
  • SOP Compliance
  • PPE Compliant
  • Hazards Alerts
  • Safety Analysis
  • Labor Analysis
  • Vehicle & Employee Arrival and Departure Tracking
  • Monitor Restricted Areas