Pakistan Super League 2020

Discover How Well Your Brand Logo is Generating Attention

We analyze video footage of the event and detected brand logos as they appear. In addition to simple detection, we also calculate screen-time, positioning, logo clarity, and size on screen

logo genius dashboard by vision genius

Exposure Time

How long the logo is on the screen. The longer the screen time, the higher the value.

Coverage Area

The amount of space that the logo takes up on the screen. The more space, the better.

Visibility Score

How easy it is for a viewer to notice a logo and take note of what is being advertised.

Screen Positioning

Find out where the brand logo appears in the frame along with Heatmap.

Competitor Insights

Get your competitor insights at the right time and plan your strategy accordingly.


Media Monitoring Agencies

As a monitoring agency, make your work more valuable for your customers providing them with the most accurate and relevant information with statistics using Vision Genius.

Television and Advertising Agencies

Television and Advertising Agencies can increase their ad performance and ROI with the full analytics of your marketing campaigns.

Event Management and Planning Agencies

With the information on brand screening in your hand, it’s easier for you to calculate the advertising equivalent value or determine the most impactful events to sponsor.


With Vision Genius, you can get accurate valuations of the current and future sponsorship deals across the sports and entertainment landscape.


Better Brand Management

Lead from Competitor

Redefine Viewership Strategy

Evaluate Sponsored Events

Make Data-Driven Decisions