Science fiction movies portray artificial intelligence (AI) as a machine that will destroy humans, although in reality it is an industry that is increasingly helping society. This technology is already present in many of people's tasks, both in their daily lives and in the workplace. It is a clear worldwide trend.

The value of the global AI market is estimated to reach $ 1.2 billion by the end of 2020, according to a study by Gartner, stressing that there is no need to invest large amounts of money, since it can be accessed. type of technology through the cloud, with the benefits of flexibility, scalability and agility.

"The clear trend in artificial intelligence is causing this technology to become affordable and accessible for different industries," reveals Gustavo Parés, CEO of the artificial intelligence and cognitive computing company Nearshore Delivery Solutions. "There are sectors that already implement it in the form of chatbots to optimize their customer service centers or improve the sales process," he added.

AI's analytical and processing power makes it easier for companies to learn about their business operations, gain insights from the market, and better serve their customers' needs without spending large sums of money or having a large team of data scientists.

A data scientist is a professional who translates large volumes of data into understandable, value-adding information that can be used by business and society. These people have great mathematical and statistical knowledge, in addition, they master statistical software, programming and massive data analysis systems such as Machine Learning or Big Data.

To quickly reap the benefits of AI solutions, Nearshore Delivery Solutions shares four cases of its use that don't need an army of data scientists:

1.- Chatbots and natural language processing

Natural language processing (PLN) is a branch of AI that encompasses the interaction between computers and people, both in spoken and written language; it determines the intention of the people and offers an adequate response. Chatbots use PLN to establish a smooth conversation and obtain information.

By using Artificial Intelligence, chatbots offer customers and users a better experience in automated systems. In addition, they have the characteristic of understanding questions structured in different ways, which maintains the context of the conversation.

2.- AI incorporated in the applications

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence is through its ease of incorporating into business applications, analyzing data from all types of sources and determining user behavior to recommend actions to follow.

For example, marketing areas use it to drive products or services related to customer behavior. Also in sales, AI encourages consumers to discover new products and generate recommendations based on preferences. Human Resources now benefits from this technology as it reveals in no time who are the best candidates for a vacancy.

This technology is here to stay in the sector if companies do not want to lose power in the market, since according to a report developed by Accenture, it is estimated that by 2035 companies that incorporate AI into their business model will see its benefits increased by 38%.

3.- Analytics

Traditional business analyst processes required robust solutions that fed into company data to answer business questions that are key to all processes. Tasks that companies require for decision-making but that today turn out to be long.

However, with the implementation of AI-based solutions, queries are done optimally, quickly and efficiently, even in real time. For example, it allows you to achieve the objectives proposed in a company, understand what happened, happens and could happen, as well as knowing what to do to make what I want happen and how I can do it to be the closest thing to what a human would do. Thanks to AI techniques it is possible to automate decision making, guaranteeing the quality of these and their contribution to the business.

4.- Stock market prediction

Among the functions and capabilities of the AI is knowing the consumption habits of customers, advising them through bots, there are also projects that already integrate it into the decision-making and risk measurement process. Reason why the financial sector benefits greatly.

"The foregoing means that it will be possible to predict the behavior of the shares on the Stock Market, to carry out financial and customer risk assessments in real time, to mitigate risk factors," said Gustavo Parés Arce, director of Nearshore Delivery Solutions. "This technology is a milestone in financial decision making," he said.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that every day AI finds spaces to transform business processes and operations, leaving experts to focus on expanding their skills in other more critical areas of companies.