• Business leaders know the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the economy, business and society in general. However, organizations debate its inclusion.
• In 2045, AI will be able to reproduce without human interference, so new ways of thinking need to be found.
• How to act before this technological revolution ?: MIT Technology Review, IPADE Business School and Opinno respond.

It is estimated that by 2060 Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to program itself. Given this accelerated advance in technology, the debate increases and decision-makers must ask themselves where and how to invest in this technology, and at the same time, how to sensitize their teams to the imminent changes.

According to a survey by MIT Technology Review Insigths, executives from Latin America revealed that AI helps them to have better data and facilitates business decision-making (89%); however, more than half of them believe that data analysis is underrated in their organizations (69%), and there is strong discussion to invest in these tools, from budget to ethics.

Given these data, IPADE Business School, and Opinno, global innovation consultancy, in alliance with MIT Technology Review, seek to promote a space for dialogue in which the vision of world experts approaches that of the main business leaders in the country.

"The same MIT Technology Review has revealed that more than 90% of Mexican CEOs know the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, for example: it would give them more time to develop new proposals, more creative solutions and more effective sales," says Beatriz Ferreira, director of Opinno Latam. "That is why for the second consecutive year, we bring EmTech Digital Latam to Mexico, positioning the country as a spearhead of innovation in Latin America," he says.

This need is strengthened when the same managers identify that the main barriers to adopting Artificial Intelligence in their companies are cost (54%), the participation of different stakeholders (47%) and their concerns about confidentiality or privacy (39%). .

During EmTech Digital Latam, the conversation will revolve around four important topics: The beginnings of Artificial Intelligence, how did we get here ?; How is it redefining the way we live? the ethical and technological debate to establish a universal standard on the ethics of "thinking" machines. And finally, the future vision of Artificial Intelligence, how the world will be redefined and how we face it.

"All this we will see in the hands of more than 24 speakers who are developing new technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, managers of companies that use it in sectors such as health, security, construction or banking, both in Mexico and in LATAM, and of course , IPADE and MIT professors to show the trends and advances that we hope to see in the coming years ”, confirms Ferreira.

EmTech Digital LATAM opens the debate at the international conference on July 2 and 3 at the IPADE Business School facilities, Mexico City headquarters. For more information and purchase of tickets visit: www.emtechmexico.com