Motorola Solutions, Leading Company in Mission-Critical Communications Solutions, Presents at LAAD, Integrated Solutions for Safer Border Cities and Regions

• Ultra portable LTE Tactical System offers integrated 4G multimedia data communication to a broadband network in equipment that can be carried in a backpack. Associated with the reinforced LEX L11 smartphone, it is possible to press to speak (PTT), send and receive images, maps and data between different security forces.
• Cameras, sensors, advanced analysis, 4G devices and radios that are integrated into connected platforms.
• Analysis software based on artificial intelligence that allows to quickly locate vehicles and people and that sends alerts in case of detecting any unusual movement.

Rio de Janeiro, 2019 - At the LAAD (International Fair of Public and Corporate Security) fair, Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) presents the concept of end-to-end integrated security and defense with the most advanced sensor technology , handheld devices, software, cameras, and artificial intelligence to create safer cities and assist defense and public safety officers in emergencies or during their daily tasks.
The visibility, communication and recording of field operations have always been paramount for security force commanders. With a strong legacy of innovation of more than 90 years, Motorola Solutions presents, at the LAAD fair, its integrated system, an end-to-end solution, fully aligned with the digital era of defense and public and private security.
“We bring to the LAAD fair the technology necessary to integrate communications from the defense and public security forces. These are sensors, fixed cameras and body cameras for field agents, command and control software, cloud and artificial intelligence. These are technologies that are already available for the government and the Brazilian market, who trust our radio communication systems, and which are an essential part of public defense and security organizations. This series of connected solutions provides situational awareness to the command center and advanced information to field agents, "explains Elton Borgonovo, General Manager of Motorola Solutions Brazil.

At the booth, the company will also present the Tactical LTE team that will create a 4G “bubble” in place to integrate various solutions. The team-created dedicated 4G service optionally supports interoperability, via teams and aggregate applications, with radios on the TETRA and P25 systems, with encryption, preventing unauthorized persons from hearing messages or viewing data. It even allows the use of multimedia data, transmitting videos, photos, maps and other information in real time between the control center and agents in the field.
In addition to the Tactical LTE device, Motorola Solutions will also showcase the LEX L11, a rugged device with advanced applications for mission-critical communications, plus high-definition cameras and dedicated buttons for alert and emergency communications. One of the applications is WAVE, which integrates radios (P25, TETRA and DMR), cellular networks and even desktop computers with the facility of the Push to Talk (PTT) application.
The LTE Tactical and LEX L11 solutions integrated into the digital radio are already in operation in the State of Paraíba. Other Brazilian towns are still in the testing phase of these solutions.
One of the main innovations that will be presented at the event is the system that integrates sensors inside the sheath of the police officer's weapon. When you unsheathe the gun, the audio and video recording of the Si500 device is automatically activated, a true black box of police action. The videos are stored safely, under strict security regulations and can be used in court for investigations.
At the command center, video and audio is uploaded from the Si500's camera to the CommandCentral Vault, Motorola Solutions' digital evidence management system. The cloud storage service ensures scalability on demand and the latest in data security, without the hassle of storing, managing, backing up, and protecting data evidence on agency servers.
The CommandCentral line of software allows the integration of cameras, sensors and devices for real-time monitoring. Another important function is the generation of reports and maps of incidents, such as robberies, thefts and other crimes. The software uses machine learning to analyze behavior and patterns, and can even help law enforcement agencies respond to incidents more proactively.
Avigilon, a company acquired by Motorola Solutions in 2018, will unveil its latest enhancement to Avigilon Appearance Search ™ technology, an AI-based search engine that dramatically improves incident response time, allowing operators to quickly analyze long hours of filming to locate a person or vehicle of interest in a certain place. Avigilon will also introduce some of its advanced camera lines, including the H4 Multisensor Camera, which combines self-paced video analytics with exceptional coverage provided by 3 or 4 individually configurable camera sensors that can be positioned to monitor virtually any area; the H4 Infrared Pan-Tilt-Zoom (IR PTZ) camera, which can capture images up to 250 meters in complete darkness; and HD Pro cameras, which offer wide coverage with high definition and reduce the number of cameras required.

Motorola Solutions is a leader in mission critical communications. Discover and experience artificial intelligence, radio communication and mobile broadband solutions for public security at stand B.80 of the LAAD fair.
LAAD - International Fair of Public and Corporate Security
Date: April 2-5
Hours: 10:00 am - 18:00 pm
Headquarters: Riocentro
Address: Av. Salvador Allende, 6.555 | Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ | Brazil
Motorola Solutions Booth: B.80