We all have a creator within and thanks to technology, it is becoming easier to release our creativity and capacity for innovation to create incredible things.
Today, technology, apart from being a productive tool, helps us enhance our creativity and innovation regardless of profession or knowledge. But more and more, technology will do more and more things, allowing people to have more time to focus on other activities and to be more creative and innovative. According to Andrew Zolli, Futurist, designer and author, in the 21st century everything we think a machine can do, it will do.
Thanks to the outstanding innovations in Artificial Intelligence, it is easier for machines to take care of routine tasks and free us to spend that time in being more creative or innovative.
Imagine that you have to give a conference for an audience that does not speak your language, nor you that of your audience. It would take a long time to translate your presentation so that the message gets exactly how you want it. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, there is a feature in PowerPoint that automatically subtitles a presentation in whatever language is available.
Also, the Artificial Intelligence infused in PowerPoint allows them to save time thinking about how to design their presentation because when inserting an image, the program automatically offers design suggestions, in addition to placing a caption on the image, thanks to the image recognition functions.
Now let's talk about voice calls and chats. Now more than ever the teams are global, they are located in different cities or countries and speak different languages. To break this communication barrier, Artificial Intelligence generates a voice or text translation, in real time, that allows them to speak to people who do not speak the same language. This function can be used in Skype and they find it as Skype Translator.
These features, and others available in Office 365, which are invisible at first glance but almost certainly already in use, help you save time on things like thinking about how to fit a photo on a slide or what colors to use for your presentation. Or in looking up words in a dictionary to communicate with another person who does not speak their language. And with this time that they will now have in their hands, they can dedicate themselves to doing other things.
For its part, the development of smart bots has transformed the way we do business. By giving an immediate and personalized response, bots increase the effectiveness of customer service. For example, a chatbot can be programmed to answer customers the most frequently asked questions about a business, to close an online purchase, among other things. In this way, the company will have more time to create new strategies and ideas, all of this through Artificial Intelligence.
Undoubtedly, the integration of technology and Artificial Intelligence to work practices and routines will increase productivity, creativity and innovation, whether it is a startup or a large company. That is why, on this International Labor Day, we wanted to expose some of the functions that are part of Office 365 and that have Artificial Intelligence integrated to help workers achieve more.