These allies will innovate by creating cognitive solutions in Spanish that help transform companies, taking advantage of the capabilities of IBM Watson.

Mexico City, November 24, 2016. Cognitiva, a company dedicated to promoting the capabilities of IBM Watson in Latin America, unveiled its strategy for independent software providers (ISVs) and application development companies, whose objective is to strengthen its ecosystem to increase the use of cognitive solutions that help organizations innovate in their industries.

Cognitive, as a strategic partner of IBM, has created an ecosystem made up of ISVs, business accelerators and incubators, application developers, startups and universities, among others, with which it works together to develop artificial intelligence solutions in Spanish that transform businesses.

“The Cognitive Ecosystems team in Latin America has generated to date more than 65 use cases, including 20 completed ones, which, in collaboration with our partners, works to create prototypes of developments integrating the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson, through the different APIs found in the IBM Bluemix platform, ”said Alejandro Fernández, Manager of Cognitive Ecosystems for the region.

Cognitive provides constant advice and support to its ecosystem, in addition to mentoring, accompaniment and training, since education in these new technologies is important to accelerate the cognitive journey of its partners. To fulfill this last objective, the company makes available to ISVs and software developers a series of courses and services that will help them take the cognitive path, generate their own use cases, work on their prototype and bring their application to the market.

"To enhance Watson's capabilities and help transform business in different industries, we are currently looking for new partners in Mexico who are inclined towards innovation in their markets," added Fernández.

As part of the training program for its ecosystem, the workshop "Create your Cognitive App with Watson APIs (application programming interfaces)" that will take place on December 8 and 9, will focus on the capabilities of the main Watson APIs. Through theory, practical exercises and demonstrations, combinations of groups of APIs will be generated, based on the functions that are most frequently integrated into a cognitive solution.

The “Create Smart Chatbots with Watson” workshop, which will be held on December 14 and 15, will focus on the theoretical and practical concepts and notions related to the use of the Watson “Conversation” API, used for the development of smart chatbots.

In addition to these workshops open to the public, the Cognitive Ecosystems team also offers courses and workshops on demand such as the Cognitive Application Design workshop, the Cognitive Application Architecture workshop and the Accelerated Application Development workshop with Watson, among others. .

IBM's strategic partner also offers services for ISVs such as Cognitive Mentor, Cognitive On Boarding, Cognitive Jumpstart and more, that accelerate the process of developing a use case, until its placement on the market.

Cognitive is concerned with developing and supporting its ecosystem in Latin America. For more information on this initiative, go to or send an email to

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