Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a global trend that increasingly finds more application areas in all economic and social sectors. However, there are challenges such as ethics in its use, public policies and the cultural change of people, which prevent a proliferation of its benefits.

To evangelize the different actors in the Information Technology (IT) ecosystem about this technology, Microsoft held the AI + Tour in Mexico, a space where company experts and business partners showed how they use AI to improve productivity. and competitiveness of companies and their effect on the economic development of the countries.

According to Gustavo Parés, director of the Mexican company that provides Artificial Intelligence solutions, Nearshore Delivery Solutions, there is currently great interest in all sectors to learn more about the use of this type of technology.

“Every day more governments, organizations and people are in constant interaction with AI through many solutions. For example, we interact with chatbots, we use navigation maps, even the health sector uses this type of technology to facilitate our lives, and we participate in the Information Technology ecosystem, taking AI as a turnkey proposal for companies ” , explained the manager of Nearshore Delivery Solutions during the AI + Tour of Microsoft in Mexico.

Market consultancy IDC reported, in its most recent study, that by 2019, 30% of digital transformation initiatives will use AI services in Latin America. In addition, it is expected that by 2020, 50% of business applications will use this technology and more than half of consumers will interact with bots.

Visual recognition, voice reproduction, language comprehension, knowledge acquisition and information search are some of the services that AI today offers companies to transform their business processes and improve their productivity.

Likewise, being a general-purpose technology with the power to transform everything, it is important that governments, industry, academia and society in general analyze the scope that this technology should have in relation to the rights of humanity.

“During the training and configuration of the AI platforms, we always seek to adhere to business and regulatory issues, where the values are implicit. However, it is a relevant issue that must be discussed in depth at all levels, both in academia, companies and governments, to have a transcendental vision of the use of AI, "said Gustavo Parés.

The Microsoft AI + Tour in Mexico showed the companies' vision of how Artificial Intelligence enhances the Digital Transformation of companies through natural interactions with digital agents and applications. In addition to delivering specialized workshops for developers, data scientists, and solution use cases for each industry.

“We are very pleased to participate as a strategic channel for Microsoft in the Artificial Intelligence Tour in Mexico. We show some of our solutions for the market, developed on Azure technologies for the financial, retail, health and industrial sectors, ”said Gustavo Parés, director of the Mexican company that provides Artificial Intelligence solutions Nearshore Delivery Solutions.

Before, people were the ones who taught machines business processes; Today it is they who are learning for themselves, and as more applications and solutions based on AI technologies are adopted in more sectors, people will enhance their capabilities and skills for the benefit of companies.