As companies apply new technologies to boost their business, one of the advances that has been rapidly adopted has been Artificial Intelligence (AI). This year alone more than 40% of large companies are considering Implement this type of technology to improve the customer service experience, while increasing your income and reducing operating costs, whether it's to book a plane ticket, open a bank account, join the gym or place an order at Online, people are already interacting through some kind of AI-based app to do day-to-day activities. That is why the implementation of this type of solutions is allowing companies to offer buyers an excellent service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“Experts predict that by 2020 AI will have a positive impact on 25% of all interactions between companies and users. It is a technology that obeys the need to establish a warmer, more personalized and efficient communication between the client and their favorite brands ”

Industries that are making the most of this tool are:

1. Tourism

Through WhatsApp, airlines such as Aeroméxico are using AI-powered instant messaging to increase user loyalty, allowing them, through the application, to book or change their flights, monitor their status or answer questions about their travels. This technology is improving the customer experience and increasing traveler satisfaction.

2. Financial services

Banking institutions are also strengthening customer service through Artificial Intelligence. For example, Banco Azteca, in collaboration with Yalo and WhatsApp, managed to get more than 5 million customers to open new accounts through automated messaging, making 89% of them value that experience as positive.

3. Retail

This industry is using AI-based instant messaging to connect with consumers. Such is the case of Coppel , a company that reached 4 million users, reduced costs and increased the quality of its customer service, while doubling the number of consultations with the same number of personnel and increasing 17 times. the opening rate of your notifications when making them via WhatsApp instead of using email.

With the help of this technology, Coppel also recorded a 20% decrease in telephone inquiries, as well as visits to physical stores to request information about services such as loans, and has guaranteed its basic supply of goods.

4. Consumer goods

Brands in this sector are directly interacting with commercial customers through artificial intelligence, creating loyalty and improving the number of sales. An example of this is FEMSA, the world's largest beverage bottler, which uses an automated virtual assistant on WhatsApp to optimize the entry of purchase orders. This new solution exceeded the effectiveness of the company's call center just one week after being implemented, closing sales in 70% of cases.

These sectors illustrate how AI-powered instant messaging through applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is forever changing the interaction between business and customer, a trend that will be ever greater. To get an idea, experts predict that in 2020 a person will have more conversations with a virtual assistant than with their coworkers