Today, within the framework of the Microsoft Data & AI Experience LATAM event, the company reaffirms its commitment to continue including the use of Artificial Intelligence within the daily lives of people and companies, through new proposals that have They have been developed for more than 25 years as part of its Microsoft AI & Research program.

Said program currently has more than 1,000 scientists and engineers located in 11 different laboratories and specialized in 55 different areas, who are focused on conducting new uses of these technologies in alliance with governments, academics and researchers in the industry, to achieve interaction every More and more normal AI-based applications, with people and companies.

However, Artificial Intelligence is not something new, much less for Microsoft, since its computer scientists have been working on this technology for more than a decade, based on three different pillars:
• Leading innovation that extends capabilities.
• Construction of powerful platforms that make innovation faster and more accessible.
• Developing a secure approach so that AI is responsibly developed and implemented.

"In our work to implement AI everywhere, we take a serious and trustworthy approach through innovative designs that extend and enhance human capabilities in all aspects of life. This approach increases the human capacity to see, hear, analyze, reason and act in the world, "said Jorge Silva, General Director of Microsoft Mexico.

As part of this research, Microsoft presented some solutions ranging from the use of chatbots, to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in some of its Office programs, such as Power Point, which offer more and more functions, or something more complex such as use of Machine Learning algorithms in deadly diseases in order to avoid the death of more people for this. For its part, LinkedIn has announced Resume Assistant, a tool that helps people who are subscribed to Office 365 to create their CVs with personalized information from their LinkedIn through Word, where 80% of these documents are developed.
Another example of the great work done by the company is Cortana, the virtual assistant that has answered to this day has answered more than 18 billion questions and is used around the world by 145 million people in more than 13 countries.

"We are optimistic about the future of AI, and we believe that progress in this area will solve many challenges. This is why our approach to AI is aligned with our mission of helping each person and organization on the planet to achieve more. For example, in this sense, Cortana will be able to interact with other personal digital assistants to automatically handle time-consuming tasks and follow familiar patterns using our search service, Bing, said Luis Cabrera, Artificial Intelligence program engineer at Microsoft Corp .

For its part, Skype with more than hundreds of millions of users, more than 3 billion minutes of calls and a billion downloads on mobile phones, is today the most popular application for people to talk and talk.

Luis Cabrera, concluded: “At Microsoft we are very pleased to have more and more companies interested in joining this initiative and, above all, making it spread in new markets, such as Latin America. This is only part of the commitment and effort that Microsoft is investing, so that each day AI impacts more positively on humanity. ”

Similarly, Francisco Corona, Director of Business and Cloud Solutions for Microsoft Mexico, demonstrated some solutions such as bots and analytics, based on a powerful Azure cloud infrastructure to support and fuel these artificial intelligence advances. Some examples of this are Text Analytics and Cognitive Services, with which you can know the feeling in a text or on social networks just by analyzing the content poured there.

In this way, Microsoft continues to work to combine technology with the ingenuity of people and businesses to make them more productive, providing a powerful platform of AI services and tools that makes innovation by developers and partners faster. and accessible.