According to the Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Software Platforms Market Shares, 2018: Steady Growth - Moving Toward Production report from consulting firm IDC, the overall market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions experienced sustained growth of 26.6% during 2018.

During that same period, SAS achieved a growth rate of 104.6% (four times faster than the general market) and ranks second in the category of AI software platforms.

"SAS had impressive growth in the artificial intelligence market, no doubt as a result of its analytical leadership," said David Schubmehl, Director of Research for the Artificial-Cognitive Intelligence Systems category at IDC. "As organizations move from experimentation to AI production to solve their business problems, many are looking for a trusted provider that offers expertise in analytics solutions and masters the knowledge required: SAS 'integrated AI capabilities and integration "With open source software, they allow organizations to leverage technology to automate processes, without the heavy burden of training-dependent AI models."

To continue fostering innovation and progress in this rapidly expanding market, SAS is investing $ 1 billion for the development of artificial intelligence over the next three years.

This initiative focuses on three main areas:

Dedicating 26% of its profits to these and other Research and Development (R&D) initiatives, SAS is at the forefront, doubling the average amount that the main technology companies dedicate to this area.

"AI has been an integral part of SAS software for years," says Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS. “Today we continue to exceed expectations to make AI real to our customers, building on a solid foundation of advanced analytics. With machine learning , deep learning , computer vision, language processing, forecasting and optimization solutions, SAS helps organizations of all walks of life to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence technologies and the intelligence they create from those technologies. ” .

Among the companies already benefiting from SAS AI solutions, it is possible to mention the aviation company Lockheed Martin, the Royal Bank of Scotland and the automaker Honda, to name a few. But there are hundreds of success stories, as 92% of Fortune companies use SAS solutions.

Learn more about SAS AI solutions that enable organizations to make smarter, more automated business decisions. One of the key technologies to do this is SAS® Viya®, a transparent and interpretable technology that helps users at all skill levels automate complex tasks to build world-class analytical models.