The implementation of artificial intelligence in different industries has brought about profound changes in production processes. However, it is the banking industry that has benefited most from this type of technology.

Chatbots are the best example of how banks have taken advantage of technological advances. "Chatbots are a great way to pack the benefits of a series of technologies such as artificial intelligence, and today they are able to answer more than 90% of the questions users ask," said Gustavo Parés, CEO of the AI company. Nearshore Delivery Solutions, within the framework of the global event called Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018, which took place in Boca Raton on May 1 and 2, 2018.

Held annually, the event seeks to bring together technology experts from around the world to discuss innovations in cloud technology and what they have to offer the market.

Regarding chatbots, Parés stressed that previously Mexican banks had people answering their clients' questions through calls or online chats, which is very expensive to manage efficiently. Reason why complementing customer service areas with Chatbots has helped to reduce response times significantly, improving the user experience and allowing agents to give a more personalized treatment to customers.

"Banks are beginning to take advantage of the potential of this technology, which can be implemented in Mexico in reduced times without major impact on the operation or existing systems," Parés explained.

In a report by BI Intelligence analyzing the factors that enabled the proliferation of chatbots in the banking sector, it was found that banks are always under pressure to be competitive and in constant need of innovation. Proof of this is that 87% of banks worldwide affirm that they already have a chatbot or plans to implement it in the near future.

With audiences increasingly familiar with technology, banks are faced with the need to create more optimal, immediate and effective personalized experiences for their clients.

Furthermore, it is a solution that, once developed, is easy to implement in other markets, thus maximizing its impact on the banking industry.

"We have collaborated with many companies to implement chatbots as customer service and they find it very attractive because it is fast, lowers costs and allows you to create analytics of this entire process to improve the service," added Parés.

In the future, Parés said, we will be able to observe the improvement of virtual financial assistants that allow us to make better financial decisions, in addition to offering for sale and naturally the thousands of financial products that banks have in their catalog.