Traffic Genius

Vision Genius provides video analytics solutions for traffic monitoring, smart roads, tolling, mass transit and smart cities.

Smart Parking

Our system uses existing camera to establish whether each space is free or occupied along with how long a vehicle has occupied each space. Our solution can also identify improper use of non-parking areas and bicycle & emergency vehicle lanes – with no need for expensive infrastructure or in-ground sensors, just normal security cameras and Vision Genius.

Traffic Analysis

Vision Genius can analyze any video footage from different types of intersections, roundabouts, highways, crosswalks, using any type of camera, in various weather conditions or day/night scenes. It is capable of measuring a wide range of advanced traffic parameters.

Toll System

Current smart tolls technology forces operators to process 5-10% of toll transactions, a tedious and time-consuming process, expensive for toll operators and generating numerous errors.

Vision Genius automatically detects the vehicle class type at toll booths and connects it to the price range of the vehicle to provide smooth, simple and error-free toll operation.

Traffic Monitoring

Vision Genius delivers accurate, real-time AI video analytics and notification by autonomously monitoring existing traffic cameras and systems that improve operations and roadway safety with reliable traffic data.


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