Xaxis, the company dedicated to programmatic purchasing with a new results-based business model, knows the importance of technology today, and the way it has come to transform the lives of people and companies, due to that the internet industry has undergone a unique and constant change, breaking corporate and cultural barriers.

Nicolas Bidon , Global CEO of Xaxis, explains this change and challenge that companies are facing, and raised the three main forces of disruption in today's world:

“Under these synergies, effective advertising is now a reality thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, whose impact is transforming the advertising industry, and they are becoming a fundamental part of all the campaigns and strategies of the purchasing industry. programmatic ”said Nicolas Bidon, who highlighted the growth and progress that this industry has had, which has reached an investment of approximately 238 billion dollars from 2012 to 2018 and it is estimated that for 2019 alone it will exceed 84 thousand millions of dollars.

Currently 85% of companies worldwide, consider that technology is a key piece for the growth of their business, this has been reflected in a greater use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which have helped companies to make decisions and understand consumer habits more easily.

According to Emarketer statistics, in Mexico 32% of digital advertising investment is made through Programmatic Advertising, while in other countries, such as the United States, China and the United Kingdom, this figure represents an average of 80% .

The real challenge is that the amount of data is handled in an automated way considering different factors such as the type of audience, context, format, time of day, creativity, price, even the weather and location, among others. To make this possible and easier, Xaxis has developed CoPilot , a program based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which consumes this information and allows predictions to be made so that the advertising companies achieve a greater impact on their audiences or publics of interest without wasting time. advertisements.

For Erik Castillo , President of Xaxis LATAM, many of the industries have evolved focusing on acquiring business models with greater technology, adapting to new trends, including some brands that have the capacity to make decisions based on the data they have collected and modeled to carry out predictions, generating a greater impact and achieving better results.

“Over the past years, several companies have been forced to transform abruptly in the face of the disruption of new collaborative economy business models; this as a consequence of the adoption of technology, which is becoming faster and an example of this, is the impact of what consumers demand and the speed with which these needs impact companies in their decision-making process Erik Castillo affirmed.

“Having a large amount of raw data is not enough, the important thing is the way they are used, classified and modeled correctly, allowing us to have information about the client to choose the communication channels, products, tools and the correct message, achieving a unique and personalized formula that will detonate in a long-term relationship with obtaining Revenue, feedback on results and measurable learning to decide and act on the strategy. ” highlighted María Fernanda Ordorica, director of Xaxis México .

Xaxis understands the need to become the ally of companies to cover their need to adapt to change in issues of the programmatic purchasing industry and the use of technology, ensuring that their ads are fully seen, taking care of the security of their brand.

"At Xaxis, we seek to support companies to achieve the income they expect from their digital investment, combining in parallel our programmatic experience, Artificial Intelligence and the unique data set to achieve the correct results." Fernanda Ordorica, director of Xaxis México.