Perhaps in your life you have never heard about this concept, the Tests or rather the Turing Test, well, do not worry, it is nothing about how smart you are, or some aspect of your personality since the tests of Turing are only made by artificial intelligence, machines and robots.

That is the reason why you have probably never heard of this test, because they are only performed on artificial intelligence.

They are tests that Alan Turing proposed to evaluate machines, and they are questions that a person asks a machine / robot / artificial intelligence to see its behavior and see if it can react similarly to that of people.

In these tests, each member of the test knows his role, that is, the human knows his human nature and knows that he is the interviewer and the machine knows that it is the machine and is being questioned.

I know, it sounds strange, but these tests are very important to know the degree of development of robots; They are not applied to know the level of intelligence, but to know if these machines behave like humans.

The Turing test evaluates only and strictly how the subject behaves

How are these tests done ?
For the machine must react as a person would, with emotions, with limitations and with the characteristics of the human race.

Previously these tests were done on computers, but with the development of robots and machines, we are now one step away from what is seen in science fiction movies with human-looking robots, which are tested to know and determine your type of intelligence.