• AVI is an automated and cognitive assistant that talks to people through digital channels to answer the most frequent questions.
• Quick installation and payment for consumption, now small and medium-sized companies in Latin America will have access to this exponential technology.

Mexico City, Mexico - April 16, 2019.- Cognitive -company dedicated to consulting and the development of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence solutions, IBM's only strategic ally for the commercialization of Watson in Spanish - unveiled this week AVI GO, your Smart Virtual Assistant available on a self-service platform and with no implementation costs.

AVI GO is a trained virtual assistant with artificial intelligence from IBM Watson that enables Latin American small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to meet their customer service needs on digital platforms - immediately and effectively, in real time and 24 hours a day.

The use of this virtual assistant represents significant advantages for companies as it reduces operating costs, facilitates communication with their clients, generates closeness through their responses and better customer service.

"The ability to understand in natural language - the way in which we communicate people - and to interpret the intention of a message, possible thanks to artificial intelligence, is what allows AVI GO to attend frequent queries effectively and accurate ”, commented Priscila Chaves, Customer Experience Leader for Cognitiva Latin America.

AVI GO is configured for free, and to install this technology on your own website, you only have to carry out a consumer recharge, that is, acquire the number of conversations desired or the plan that best suits the business need. The platform was developed to be easy to install, customize and use, even without technical knowledge, making it an accessible technology for thousands of users.

For Mexican SMEs, AVI GO is an innovation that meets one of their most pressing needs: 40% of these organizations, according to an official survey-study, have as a priority to seek improvements in processes that increase their productivity. With the support of AVI GO, this goal is possible, which will benefit the entire economy: SMEs contribute more than 50% of Mexico's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This tool also has the ability to analyze feelings based on the responses it receives from users and report the reaction to each message in three categories: negative, positive or neutral.

This release corresponds to a first version and its capabilities will evolve rapidly. It is important to understand that the AVI GO platform was created to meet specific queries and its knowledge will be greater and greater, based on interactions.
“We must be willing to support new technologies, this means actively participating in their development. With each new conversation that AVI GO attends, you will be increasingly successful in your answers, as you learn from each question answered correctly, by understanding idioms and local words you will expand your knowledge. It happens in this way because he trains cognitively: he observes, interprets, decides and learns, just as we also learn, "Chaves concluded.

Additionally, agencies wishing to market AVI GO to their clients may join the AVI for Partners program.